What You Need to Know About Fat Burners:
Some Work, Some Don't, Some Can Be Fatal!

Are fat burners worth my time and money?

Absolutely! Just be sure to select your supplements carefully and follow a healthy program of diet and exercise to go with your fat burners. In addition to the special eBook report offered here (a must read!), we've created a guide to the best fat burners that you should research to get the greatest results for your time and effort.

What are the most effective natural fat burners?

There are a number of very promising new discoveries in the world of natural fat burners, including Citrus aurantium, 7-Keto, yerba mate, and guarana. Many people will try to convince you to use prescription drugs, but you really will be much healthier and often have better long-term results by staying with the natural formulas.

How exactly do fat burners actually burn fat safely?

Most fat burners operate on the principle of thermogenisis (the breakdown of bodyfat). A good fat burner will do three things well. First, your stored fats will be burned for energy. Second, your fat cells must be broken down and mobilized. And third, we need to "rev up" the metabolic rate to "burn" stored fat and inhibit fat cells from enlarging. Be sure to download the free eBook for the in-depth report.

Are fat burning and weight loss different?

This is a really good question! Encouraging rapid fat loss is the most important element of weight loss, which is normally mostly water weight and muscle loss. Learn the facts about fat loss here.

Do all fat burners contain ephedrine? Is this bad?

Fortunately, most fat burners no longer contain ephedrine. Ephedrine can become addictive and cause side effects ranging from dry mouth, nervousness (anxiety), or headaches to more serious adverse reactions, such as an abnormal heartbeat or seizures, both of which can, in extreme cases, be fatal. Before you subject yourself to ephedrine, be sure to download your free eBook first!

A Few Words of Encouragement:

The purpose of this site is to provide as much current information about BOTH the health benefits and the health risks associated with the new class of weight-loss supplements known as "fat burners." Within the pages of this site, and our free fat-burners ebook, we try to give an unbiased and scientific foundation of knowledge that will allow you to make the most sensible choice for your individual fat-loss needs.

Of course, as with any fitness or supplement program, we encourage you to do your research and consult your physician when you need more information. The statements on this website are not guarantees, nor are they intended to be taken as ultimate facts. We do feel that you need to know about the health risks associated with some of the popular supplements, but the final responsibility for health and well-being belongs to you, the individual.

We wish you happiness and success in your quest for a lean physique, strength, and more vital energy for your important life endeavors! Please feel free to email anytime with questions on fat burners or your comments on our site. With careful research, the miracle of the best fat burners, and your sustained effort, we believe you truly CAN reach your goals!

Thank you, and good luck!

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